Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friendly Visitor...

An injured raccoon visited our apartment building last night.   I think he's going to stay in our tree while he recuperates.   In the meantime, we couldn't help nick-naming him "Rocky" Raccoon.  Feel better soon, little guy!


He let me take a few photos of him this morning...  Such a cutie!  



  1. G.!!! its about time!.. The last time a raccoon was on my roof he or she had a friend... and they were doin' the nasty!... lol...omg, they looked at us and proceeded to come down off the roof and try and follow me and my son!. They were ginormous..

  2. Hi!

    Yeah, I've been "MIA" for too long (both mentally and physically). ;-)

    LOL! Giant raccoons doin' the nasty on your roof? Yikes!

    This guy is fairly small, and injured in at least 3 places that I can see. Here's hoping he'll be OK!


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