Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project 365: To Sum It All Up

So, yeah!  It feels really good to complete Project 365.  Kind of a relief, actually.  But I couldn't let you go without ONE more "365" photo, this time a mosaic using all the photos from the last year.**

**Created with the help of a wonderful tutorial, Photo Mosaic In Photoshop.

It's a big time (and energy) commitment, so in that respect I'm relieved to be done.  I had to remember to bring some kind of camera with me everywhere I went--even if it was only my cell--and then to post the results regularly.  I was hard pressed to come up with something NEW every day, and even if it was just a photo of my coffee mug.  I had to come up with interesting angles, lighting, or *something* to make it interesting.  But, I persevered!  (Or else you wouldn't be reading this, eh?)

All complaints aside, I did enjoy taking a photo-a-day this past year!

What did I learn?
One of my goals was to have more time to explore new techniques and try new things.  As it turns out, though, my Project 365 turned out more like a photo diary of the past year, which is actually pretty cool.  I can look back and say, "Oh, yeah, that was from our Yosemite trip." or "That's the 100th Anniversary of the Santa Monica Pier".

On the technical side, Project 365 has taught me to pay more attention to light--the direction, the quality of light, light at different times of the day or year.  It's also taught me to think about composition and timing, rather than just shooting blindly.  Most days, anyway.     :)

Some fun facts (thanks to the magic of tags):
  • I posted about 26 photos of, or relating to, our dog,
  • While I posted only 3 photos of my son (bad mommy!),
  • 53 of my posts are related to Venice Beach (I guess no surprise--I just need to get OUT more!),
  • 17 photos have reflections as a major component,
  • 10 of my photos were of musical instruments (guitar and cello),
  • 6 of my posts are related to movies,
  • When I was feeling lazy, I would resort to photos of the TV, other appliances, whatever hobby I was working on that day... once, even my own feet!

What's next for me?
Well, I still have the outstanding goal to try new techniques and refine my photo skills.  I've only begun to explore a wonderful site called Worth 1000, which is an online contest community of photographers, illustrators, and multimedia artists who help challenge and support you.  I'm also a member of several very inspirational Flickr groups, like Luminous Landscapes and Wordless On Wednesday.  Such talented artists!  Or I may take a photo class, so that's also an option.

I plan to devote at least one day a week to "play" and learn more about my craft, and post my progress here regularly, so stay tuned!!


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