Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Project 365: Day 351 of 365

March 17th.  Top O' Th' Mornin' to ye this fine St. Pat's Day!  I finally finished this pendant in honor of the day:


  1. omg, that is gorgeous! what type of gem is that? can it be replicated?

  2. Thanks!!

    That's malachite, and I have 3 more just like it, waiting for a project. Are you interested in a pendant, perchance? :)

  3. yeah lady! the rest sterling silver? how long is the necklace? 18"? asking about it being silver because i notice non silver tends to tarnish easier...

  4. Yep, all sterling silver, including the chain and all the findings (even those little beads). I'll email you after I walk the pup. :)


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