Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project 365: Day 0 of 365

Hello again,

I'm probably slow on the uptake on this idea, but I've just discovered "Project 365". The basic idea is to take at least one photo per day for an entire year. Taking more than one is fine, of course, but you only share one each day. I thought it sounded like a perfect project to share here.

Here's where I found more info on the project idea: Photojojo's 365 How-to, and Flickr's "Project 365" Group.

But why do it? Why push yourself, EACH day, to find something interesting enough to shoot and then share with your friends? I'm personally hoping to learn to see more creatively and try new things with both my camera and in Photoshop. I welcome comments, so please feel free!

Here's my first entry, below. I'm calling it "Day 0 of 365" only because I plan to make a real start tomorrow, April first. (No fooling!)

This little tricycle has been chained up on our street for months. I used my son's camera for this photo, which has an interesting setting that allowed me to select just the bright red of the trike, and desaturate the rest of the colors.

Thanks for reading.

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